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that answers to no authority

Unique Team Of Professionals

Comprising of a team from all over the world specializing in different areas of finance to ensure our investors get the best quality results and services needed. We focus on privacy and anonymity as we understand many reasons persons would not want their earnings or information shared with anyone & we ensure of that.

Current Projects Open For Investment

Forex Proprietary Trading Firm

We are allowing investors to invest a minimum of $50,000usd into our Fund and we will connect our best traders positions onto your capital for you this way all the trades our best Prop Traders take will also be taken on your capital with a 50/50 revenue share. 4x Heist Investments keeps 50% of all profit generated and we send you the other 50%.

Capital Automation

You can incest a minimum of $6,000 into 4x Heist and have our Trading Floor trade your capital for you in the financial markets. You will be giving access to a Unique Dashboard That Will Show You The Growth or Any Losses That Take Place.

Private Hedge Fund

Here we allow investors to lock in at a minimum of $45,000usd and we allocate their funds into our different projects at different lock periods at different % gain expectancy and profit share. This is discussed with every investor before their money is allocated.

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